About us

What we do

Capital City Group is real estate development company operating in Lithuania and Belarus. We invest our own funds and attract private investors to develop real estate projects for commercial and other use.

We implement full project cycle: search for promising investment opportunities, develop concepts, attract funding, find partners for construction and design works, coordinate the whole project from inception until completion. When needed we also oversee rent or sales process, perform a role of building administrator and operator.

Main strength of the company is our vast experience in real estate market. Since the start of operations in 2006, we have successfully developed more than 10 real estate projects in Lithuania as well as abroad designed for retail, manufacturing, transport services and other commercial activities. Overall area of developed buildings is more than 100.000 sq. meters, the value of investments totals 100 million euros. There are 3 essential requirements for every real estate project developed by Capital City Group. It has to be:

- Valuable investment with good return (for investors);
- Quality space for work or other commercial activity (for buyers or tenants);
- Integral part of modern, convenient city (for local community).

Vision and mission

At Capital City Group we have ambitious goals. Our vision is to become most professional open for investors real estate development company in Lithuania.

We are determined to reach this strategic goal by following highest quality standards and implementing Capital City Group mission: create value for investors, clients, employees and communities.

For investors we are a reliable partner that ensures attractive return on their investments and transparent, clear, carefree partnership.

For our clients we provide the opportunity to work at real estate objects of highest quality where every detail is created with thought and precision.

For employees we create the environment to apply their knowledge, experience, realize professional ambitions and grow together with the company.

For communities in the cities we are a responsible citizen who thinks not just about the business, but about long term commitments too. We always strive that every building developed by Capital City Group would be valued even after many years.


When implementing vision and mission Capital City Group follows 4 essential values that were identified by the company’s team. They reflect our attitude towards colleagues, projects and help us make the right decisions every day as well as achieve our business goals.

- United team
United, determined, courageous team that has the same goal is the source of our strength. We value every member of our team and base all interactions at the company on mutual respect, but at the same time demand highest results and commitment from each team member.

- Intelligent decisions
We make every decision – on a strategic as well as tactical level – only after thorough situation assessment. Intelligent decision for us is the one that delivers best results and most efficient path towards the goal.

- Relentless drive
We always see the final goal and strive to reach it. We do that with relentless drive and clear sense of purpose. Therefore from our team we expect initiative and persistence so that any challenges on the way would be solved swiftly.

- Long-term perspective
Capital City Group invests in projects that become inherent part of the cities for many years. Therefore we must have long-term vision in everything we do. Highest quality and social responsibility requirements are integral part of our real estate objects, because we aspire that they would be valued many years to come. This approach is an essential part of any mature, sustainable, long-term business.

Social responsibility

At Capital City Group we want to create value not just for the company, investors and partners, but for the society as well. Henry Ford once said: “Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Therefore in our work we follow the principles and values of socially responsible business.

We believe that every company should contribute to the well-being of the society and help solve existing problems. The basis of Capital City Group social responsibility policy is personal values and priorities of our team – management and employees.

One of our values is long-term perspective. It’s a commitment to operate in such manner that the results of our work would remain meaningful even after many years.

Our social responsibility activities are connected to this commitment – we help children from large families that experience hardship to have the same opportunities to grow-up, learn, be happy as their peers. Our support to such families is not just financial, we try to find ways to facilitate their everyday life, provide opportunities for them to learn and improve.